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...and with 30 years experience she knows all the secret spots taking full advantage of our best beach locations where the lighting is perfect and the backgrounds are gorgeous! Your portrait will be carefully scheduled for the most flattering evening light and your session will be filled with fun, candid poses.

You can relax and be assured that this professional will take care of everything for you - from clothing suggestions to keeping a check on the weather and assuring that every combination of your family groupings will be photographed. Her style is warm and relaxed combining casually posed images with candid, playful photographs.  And don't worry...there will always be too many from which to choose! 
Don't delay if you are thinking of your beach session.  Sessions are limited in the busy summer months!

The Beach Session 

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The beach session is our most popular and for which Mary Pat is best known...

Professional, stylish images for your business, publicity, website, social media and personal branding.

Headshot sessions start at $225 

branding & publicity

Timeless photographic portraits of the ceremony and bridal portraits. Intimate celebrations only.
Collections start at $795

wedding portraits

The session fee for all beach and location sessions is $250

In order to reserve your session, the session fee plus a minimum order deposit of $250 is due - total of $500
Portraits purchased separately.
(The order deposit will be applied to your purchases)

Portraits are purchased separately

Realistic, professional photographs to market home sales and rentals.

Please inquire for a quote 
and details

This incognito session includes candid coverage of the surprise and a romantic session following.  
Session includes  all digital images 
ps...ask about our champagne picnic!


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portrait Session fees

Real estate 

 proposal & engagements

The session fee is $250 for the entire session. This includes photographing separate family groupings and a mix of casually posed and candid images.

Session reservation is $500 - 
 and $250 will be applied to your order.

Portraits purchased separately.

The beach session is our most popular especially in the summer months!

the beach session 

Cape May's architecture, natural beauty and historic landmarks are a wonderful locations for the Cape May lovers' portrait session. 
Inquire about our popular 
Streets of Cape May Session!

The session fee is $250 
The session reservation  is $500 
($250 will be applied to your order)

Portraits purchased separately.

Love Cape may? 

our seaside town has many beautiful locations for your next session

Around Cape may

We are now a very visual society and most home buyers are initially shopping on the internet.  The value of high quality photos is more important than ever.
Professional images are now an essential marketing investment.

Inquire for a quote and details.

professional photographs will help a home sell more quickly and for more money.

real estate & home gallery

Today's headshots are more relaxed and casual and have expanded into photo sessions designed to define your personal style and brand.  Professional, stylish images for your website, social media and business publicity.   The Headshot session with selected digital images start at $225 - branding sessions start at $395

images to define your business profile or personal brand and style

publicity and branding

Mary Pat is available for bridal and 
family portraits for your wedding day.

Coverage for the wedding ceremony
may be added. 
(Not available for receptions)

Wedding Portrait Collections
start at $450

 beautiful wedding day
 Bridal portraits

 weddings portraits

This session package includes the incognito photography, candid and romantic images.  A champagne picnic for two can also be arranged for you!

Session includes the full resolution digital images - all for $450 

capturing the surprise and joy of the newly engaged couple

the wedding proposal

Equestrian portraits are by far one of my favorite sessions!  The majestic beauty of these great creatures and the people who love them are a joy to photograph.
Equestrian sessions are often scheduled at the area horse barns.  

Session fee is $250 
Portraits are purchased separately.

"your best friend doesn't always
have to be human"

equestrian  portraits

 A one time investment that will last a lifetime

professional photography


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While the session is not timed, all beach sessions are scheduled at the end of the day when the light is soft and flattering.  This "sweet light" period lasts about 60-90 minutes.   Sessions at locations other than the beach will be timed for the best lighting for that location.  

How long does a session last?

What if the weather doesn't cooperate?

We actually hope for some clouds on the day of our session.  Clouds soften the light and make for beautiful images.  If it is raining; however, we will reschedule the session to another time during your vacation.  If rescheduling is not an option, your session fee and order retainer will be refunded to you or credited to another session date.

How do i reserve a session?

When you are ready to book your appointment, give us a call or email and we will be in touch with you to go over all the session details.  The session fee in the amount of $250 plus the order retainer in the amount of $250 will be due to hold your date and payment may be made by all major credit cards or via Paypal.  

when do we see our previews?

You have two options to view your previews.  You may visit our studio while you are still in town  and your images will be projected on a large screen to make it easy and fun to select all your favorites.  Everyone is invited to share in this fun presentation.  (PS...grandparents love this part!)
Or we can email you a link to a private online gallery where you may view, share and order your portraits.  The images will be emailed for download for those selecting digital packages.

where do you photograph on the beach?

In our opinion, the best beach locations are in Cape May and Cape May Point.  Mary Pat's secret spots are beautiful secluded beaches with gorgeous high dunes and the perfect lighting.  We also know great spots in Avalon and Stone Harbor!

do we have to decide at the preview session?

No, but many clients do make decisions at this time.  Many clients find it easier to select their images from the large screen projection and Mary Pat is there to help them make the best choice.  She can also give advice on portrait sizes, finishes and design ideas for your home.  If you need more time, we offer a private, online preview gallery.  

do we get the digital files?

We strongly believe in the "power of the portrait" and encourage clients to show off their portraits on their walls and  in lovely albums.  (Believe me...years from now you will thank us!)  However, we now offer digital collections with full print release.  Inquire for the complete pricing information.

Mary Pat only photographs one beach session per evening and because sessions are limited, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel.  Your session fee and order retainer will be refunded when cancelling with a minimum of 10 days notice.

No, but the lighter tones do look best on the beach!  Lighter clothing will blend well with the soft colors on the beach which will assure that your faces will be the focus of your portrait (and not the brightly colored clothes!)  You don't all have to match exactly, but wearing complimentary tones and colors will enhance your portrait.  Whites, tans, denim, pastels all look great on the beach!   Click here for some clothing suggestions!

Absolutely!  Your session will include photographing the entire group as well as individual families, children and any combinations that you wish.  You don't even have to let us know - we will suggest all the groupings for you!

This is a common question and concern for parents of young children. Unfortunately, the lighting on the beach is too harsh to do the session earlier unless we have overcast skies on the session date.  Children, especially, will have a difficult time keeping their eyes open in the bright sun.  We do find it helpful if the younger children are given a late nap and something to eat before the session.  Mary Pat will contact you on the morning of the session to confirm the time based upon the lighting and weather.  

what if i have to cancel?

my baby goes to bed before sunset.  can we do the session earlier?

do we have to all wear khaki and white?

can we have separate families photographed?

any more questions?  conact us!

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