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Dress for Success!

Portrait success, that is!  Choice of clothing is so important in making your portrait a wonderful piece of art. Everyone has seen a photograph made on the beach and everyone is wearing white and khaki, but why? A beautiful portrait is all about showing off the faces, expressions and personality of each person.  Busy colors and patterns in clothing will distract from the individuals.  While you don’t all have to match ; and you don’t always have to wear khaki and white (although it is a great look!), it is important that everyone blends their tones well.

Lighter tones like pale blues, tans, whites and pinks look great on the beach and go well with the colors of the dune grass, ocean water and sand.  Medium tones of browns, blues and beigh are perfect for the country setting of woods, greenery and fields and the dark tones and blacks are perfect for the classic studio portraits.

Whatever you choose, remember that you want to make a timeless portrait that you will love for many years – one that reflects your personality and style!  Check out some of our suggestions below for great clothing ideas!

Clothing Suggestions for Your Portrait on the Beach