A Celebration of Life Through Images 

Portraits of Love

 “Several years ago, I offered a Mother-Daughter Portrait special inspired by a close friend.  She lost her mom years prior and always regretted not having a portrait made with her.  Our  mother-daughter special was very popular that year and I, too had my portrait made with my mother.  Mom passed away in May and I now cherish that portrait every day.  Losing someone you love changes the way in which you view your life and the world around you.  You realize what’s really  important and want to hold on close to those very special people in your life. 

In celebration of the month of Valentines, I am offering complimentary studio sessions with anyone you love.  Bring your sweetheart, mother, father, children, siblings, best friend…even your favorite pet!  A deposit of $150 is due at the time of scheduling which is fully applied to your choice of portraits.   Call or email  for more information and to schedule your session.

My mom always gave of her time for others and I’d like to offer my time in creating a lasting memory for someone you love.  Happy Valentine’s Day ♥”