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Time Flies…


 A few years ago, I took my daughters to have their portraits taken on the beach by a professional photographer,
M.P. Myers of Cape May.  It was simple – I braided their hair, dressed them in white dresses and took them to the beach around sunset.  Mary Pat set them at ease, encouraged them to walk, talk to each other and chase waves.  The result was a lovely mix of poses – thoughtful smiles, outright giggles, and a shot of them walking, hand in hand, away from the camera.  Somehow, this woman who had met them only an hour before had captured the relationship between two sisters who love the beach.  Everyone loved the Christmas cards that year!

It’s hard to say what made the photographs so beautiful.  After all, they say a good photo is like a good joke – if you have to explain it, it just isn’t’ that good.  I planned to do it again in a year or two, but somehow, six years have gone by, and now, those two “little” girls stand taller than the photographer.  No more braids – a trip to Shear Sunsations was essential.  The dresses were vetoed in favor of T-shirts and jeans, and somehow the family dog was invited.  The results are just as delightful.

 Professional photography may be  a luxury, but it is also a treasure.  Those moments you want to grab on to and hold with both hands are recalled in portraits.  Because the beach is where so many family memories are made, beach shots can be even more meaningful.  Large families can be accommodated as well as smaller groups or pairs.

So go and get your pictures taken.  Don’t wait until you lose ten pounds or until those braces come off.  Time flies, and remember, you will never look younger than you do today!”

From “Smile for the Camera” by Catherine DuganVW7I0259 (3)