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Equestrian Portraits

Many years ago, when I was first asked to take a young girl’s portrait with her horse, I thought it would be the traditional session.  While I love photographing animals and pets, I have never really been around horses.  On that summer afternoon I arrived early to the barn and I was taken with the peacefullness that surrounded me.  The only sounds were of the breathing of these magnificent animals.  Not only are they magestic and beautiful but when they look at you it is as if they understand you.  There is just something about them that’s wonderful and free.  I have photographed many girls with their horses over the past few years and witnessed a beautiful connection between these gentle giants and the young girls who ride them.  There is something that is just good for the soul. ♥

“I am his Eyes, he is my Wings,  I am his Voice, he is my Spirit, I am his Human, he is my Horse”

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